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Lawsuit Against Satan

Writ, Complaint & Judgment against Satan & his kingdom

In the name of Jesus Christ, I ________________, known as the plaintiff, approach the courts of Heaven and declare the following complaint, on behalf of myself against the Enemy of my soul, now known as the Defendant, Satan.

In the name of Christ our Lord, I apply the Blood of Jesus over this case and demand that proper judgment be executed forthwith, by the Lord Jesus Christ, who has fully resolved this complaint by His sacrifice upon the Cross.

As the above mentioned Plaintiff, I have the legal right to enforce this claim. This action is now called the Judgment of God, and is considered a total and complete vindication, and is executed by order of the One and True Living God, also know as the Messiah, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father, the Great I Am, and all other names by which He, the Living God, is known.

I hereby file suit for the following complaints:

COMPLAINT 1: All direct and indirect actions against the Plaintiff to hinder and affect the Plaintiff’s health or quality of life, with any chronic, debilitating, or deadly condition, sickness, illness, or disease that has been caused, assigned or been plotted against said Plaintiff, and for any and all injuries and trauma, either physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, or emotional that have been caused to the Plaintiff.

COMPLAINT 2: All direct and indirect attacks upon any and all relationships of the Plaintiff, including the Plaintiff’s family, loved ones, and all those with whom the Plaintiff has relationships.

COMPLAINT 3: All direct and indirect curses, hexes, vexes, jinxes, any satanic assignments, demonic oppression, witchcraft rituals that may have been sent, or are being sent, or ever will be sent to the Plaintiff, and any malicious actions, such as harassment, whether mental, physical, spiritual or emotional.

All the above complaints are filed with courts of Heaven and seven-fold restitution is demanded, along with all property that the Enemy has stolen, or has directly or indirectly caused to be harmed, injured, or assaulted.

We now file this lawsuit and complaint in the High Courts of Heaven against the Enemy, the Defendant, the one called Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Power of the Air, Lucifer, the Great Dragon, the Serpent of Old, the Accuser of the Brethren, and all other names and entities known or unknown representing this Enemy, either spirit or in person through any Workers of Darkness, including their assignments through ceremonies, soul ties, dedications, blood curses, blood oaths, satanic ceremonies, or blood covenants.

We also file suit against all generational curses, works done by witches and Satanists, including but not limited to all the names used by all these workers of the Defendant, whether earthly or demonic.

Writ, Complaint & Judgment against Satan & his kingdom

Collection and judgment of said lawsuit and complaint is now made active and immediate without the possibility of appeal. This decision is declared final by the Judge of All Humanity, one Father, one God, in three Persons, the Eternal Magistrate.

All goods, property, wealth, moneys that have been stolen and taken from the Plaintiff, directly or indirectly, are now to be returned and restored by the Defendant seven times the actual value of the original goods taken from the above-named Plaintiff.
All health is to be returned to the Plaintiff, and all attacks upon the Plaintiff’s present health are now broken, cut off, and severed according to the Blood of Jesus Christ. Such restitution is to be seven times the original condition before such attacks.
All those who by relationships have been negatively affected toward the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff’s family, loved ones, and all those associated with the Plaintiff, are now to be freed from all oppression, sickness, illness, disease, and torment. All relationships are now to be restored to seven times their original value.
All curses, ill-spoken words, assignments, attacks, insults, hexes, vexes, jinxes, or any ungodly words uttered, directly or in directly by the Enemy against the Plaintiff, are now nullified. If any of those parties or entities, known or otherwise, will not let go of these uttered maledictions, then all these evil entities will be held accountable and liable, and the nature of what was sent to the Plaintiff shall fall upon them seven fold.


Judgment for the Plaintiff, _________________, is now ordered in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, and by the Blood of the Lamb. I, the Plaintiff, have set my hand to affirm the same, this day in the year of our Lord, and we sign it by our verbal affirmation of declaring, “Amen.” We have agreed according to Matthew 18:19 with this Complaint, and we have set our hands as a witness on this day. The above is ratified in the most holy name of Jesus Christ, to whom all honor and glory and praise belong, “Amen and forever, Amen.”

Lawsuit Against Satan
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